The Prime Minister went shopping in Germany. It’s cheaper there and has better packaging, he discovered

Food prices also began to fall due to pressure on the government, but on the other hand, many of us believe that shopping abroad is worth it.

The video captures him as he enters the store, and when he returns, President Rajat is carrying eggs, milk, bread, Nutella, Coca-Cola and cookies in a cart. I bought a total of nine banks. Fiala questioned that the purchase came to less than twenty euros, roughly a ptistovek.

Control purchases will then take place on the other side. Buying in the Czech Republic costs 60 kroner more than buying in Germany. In practice, these products from the same manufacturer are more expensive in the Czech Republic, says the Prime Minister.

Even that is not enough. Back at Kramov’s villa, ODS makes a surprising discovery. That is, if German products are packaged, in fact, some products are cheaper only in the Czech Republic, and based on the price of a unit volume, they cost more. It is a load of kola or kapu.

This difference is most noticeable with Nutella. Although the two sets may seem similar at first glance, they are actually quite different. The price of Nutella in Czech bags is actually double, with Fiala testifying that he paid 113.30 K for 750 grams in Germany and 169.90 K for 600 grams in Czech.

At the end of the video, he says that the government doesn’t set prices, it’s up to producers and traders. With the purchase results, the bag would like to be returned to the manufacturer. And I would like to ask them for an explanation,” concluded the Prime Minister.

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With his purchase, the head of government only confirmed the long-term experience of Czech companies and the results of other comparisons. For example, at the end of January, MF DNES made a control purchase in Poland.

It showed that a kilo of flour in Polish Lidl costs 9.60 crowns, butter costs 30 crowns and a box of milk costs 10 crowns. esk Lidl’s food prices are very cheap, with butter 30 per cent cheaper, flour 86 per cent, even milk 130 per cent cheaper.

The last comparative purchase made by MF DNES fared worse in terms of assortment when compared to the purchase in Germany. According to him, for a long time, the neighbors will be filled with sweets, mainly sweets, some kind of drugstores and cosmetics.

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