The official of KMDA got a new suspicion – he appeared in the case of the tragedy near the shelter in Kiev.

According to investigation materials, the official concluded a contract for the purchase of mini-power plants for heating points in the capital for 28.6 million hryvnias in the fall of 2022. Such goods are exempt from VAT.

“Despite this, the department changed the budget funds of more than 28.6 million hryvnias by payment order dated November 21, 2022, in which value added tax was unfairly included in the payment, causing the department a loss of 1.8 million hryvnias”, – to clarify in the prosecutor’s office.

Now the official is barred from holding certain posts for up to three years with imprisonment of 7 to 12 years and confiscation of property.

Tragedy in Kiev

We will remind you that on the night of June 1, the Russian invaders tried to attack Kyiv with ballistic missiles. Ukrainian defenders managed to shoot down all enemy air targets.

But fragments of Russian rockets fell on the capital. As a result, two women and a child died in the Desnian district of Gavin – they could not get shelter at the polyclinic.

After that, four people were detained – the first deputy of the Desnian RDA, the director of the medical facility and his deputy, as well as a security guard.

On June 20, it became known that the director of the Municipal Security Department of the KMDA, Roman Tkachuk, became suspicious of the case.

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