Power is almost back after the storm. Trains are running again in southern Bohemia

Thousands of ČEZ customers in Pilsen, Stetoseski, Bartupice, Moravian-Silesian regions and Vysosin were left without electricity after trees and branches fell on power lines. A further 18,000 homes were without power in the evening in southern Bohemia and western Vysosina, supplied by EG.D, ČEZ Group spokeswoman Sona Holingarová said on Thursday morning.

“An hour after midnight, we had to connect the last 3,000 points to the network. At 04:00 we restored things at the high voltage level, thus connecting the rest of the customers. At the same time, we are working on repairs at the low voltage level, but these are individual reference numbers, hut And recreational apartments and the like,” Hollingerova said.

CEZ has preemptively increased the number of workers in the field, control room and call center as meteorologists have warned of heavy thunderstorms. More storms are likely to hit the Czech Republic Thursday evening and Friday night.

Firefighters in the South Moravian region responded to a total of 180 incidents as of 8:30 a.m. Thursday that were related to clearing the aftermath of the storms.

Due to the very heavy storms that hit the Czech Republic on Wednesday, E.ON registered only 8 high-voltage lines and as of Thursday morning about 1,400 customers with limited power supply (on Wednesday evening, there were more. 18,000).

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Due to the effects of Wednesday’s storms, 1,800 customers supplied by the EG.D company were without power in South Bohemia, Vysogan, the Slin region and South Moravia on Thursday morning. Falling trees and branches in rows and their subsequent damage are frequent causes of breaks. EG.D spokesperson Roman Šperňák informed about this.

In southern Bohemia, trains are back on schedule

In the south of Bohemia, all train services are running again this morning. Some tracks were closed for several hours due to the effects of the storms. For example, lines from České Budějovice to Prague and České Budějovice to Pilsen and some regional connections. The wind damaged traction lines or knocked trees over the tracks. On Thursday night, all accidents were cleared.

The line from Prague to České Budějovice, where a tree fell on the tracks in the section Planá nad Lužnicí Soběslav in Táborsk, was passable from Wednesday evening. A fault in the traction line on the České Budějovice – Plzeň route between Zliví na Českobudějovicka and Protivín in Písecko was repaired by workers until the night.

Thunderstorms passed over the area within minutes of Wednesday afternoon. “Rather than increased rain, it was characterized by strong winds. The storm that formed on the border of France and Germany then crossed the whole of Germany in three hours. It had a similar rapid course in our country,” said Renata Uhlíkova from the České Budějovice Hydrometeorological Institute.

He said it could not be ruled out that the storms would turn towards the Czech Republic on Thursday afternoon.

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