He rode between tram cars in Olomouc and fell down. His identity was confirmed only through DNA testing

“The DNA test confirmed that a 31-year-old man from Prostějovsk suffered fatal injuries after being hit by a tram at the Rožžňavská stop on Zikova Street in Olomouc,” the spokesman said.

The accident happened after 10.30 pm. According to Anna Sýkorová, spokeswoman for Olomouc city's transport agency, preliminary reports suggest the tragedy happened after the man fell between tram cars while riding. “It could have been riding a curb,” he said after the crash. She did not then rule out that the man had tried to jump over the link.

“The victim suffered life-threatening, catastrophic injuries,” paramedics spokeswoman Lucie Mikiskova previously told Novinga.

A tram in Olomouc killed a man who was riding a coupler at night

The man was killed in the second car of a tram carriage traveling from Svetserova Street to Rooseveltova Street. His body was found by another tram driver at the railway station on Jikova Street.

“The exact cause of the traffic accident and the extent of the crime are being investigated by Olomouc criminal investigators. They have opened criminal proceedings for the crime of manslaughter by negligence,” Hejtman said.

Olomouc crime investigators have already asked the public for help. “In connection with the investigation into the accident, we are contacting the witnesses of the incident. Especially for the passengers of the tram set of tram number 5, which arrived at the Rožňavská stop in the direction from the Jikova stop to the final stop at U Kapličky on Monday, January 8, at 10:31 p.m.,” said a police spokesman. Novinkam ago.

“We ask passengers and other possible witnesses of the above accident to report to line 158 or to contact the Criminal Division of the Second General Crime Department of the Olomouc Regional Department directly by phone or in person at 974 767 472,” said the spokesperson. .

Police are seeking witnesses to a tram crash in Olomouc that killed a teenager

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