Leoš Mareš donated 1.2 million crowns to charity

It was the most successful domestic host in 2015 Leoš Mareš Discovered by Tobroden. At first, he contributed a crown for every follower on Twitter, but after he moved to Instagram, the action followed him. “I want to brag and I've crossed 20,000 followers on Twitter. In the world of social networks, you know very well how many people follow them. It has to do with the desire within us, and technology makes that comparison possible. It's a measurable thing, expressed by a number. It doesn't matter though. , what difference does it make if you have twenty thousand or twenty-two thousand people following you? I still understand the difference between five hundred and five million,” he explained in his reasons for the Via Foundation.

Leoš Mareš donated one million crowns

Together with followers, the amount Leoš Mareš contributes also increases. While in the first year he sent CZK 20,000 for charitable purposes, a year later CZK 112,391 went to the Naše dítě foundation. The amount grew at the same rate every year. In 2017, Leos sent 221,000 to Good Angel, in 2018, 482,215 CZK left his account to support a family that lost a roof over their heads and a young son due to a fire, and in 2019, the Teresa Maksova Foundation was happy. He contributed 869 thousand in 2020 with 709,404 CZK. Prophylactic treatmentThat is, caring for the dying.

As of January 29 this year, Mareš had an incredible 1,210,839 followers on his Instagram account, which means only one thing – this amount goes to help the family. Gas explosion She lost a roof over her head. This tragic incident happened in January this year in Kamenné Újezd. A young family with three children lost everything in the blink of an eye. What everyone takes for granted – electricity, a bed or a fridge – is suddenly not there. A gas explosion destroyed their entire home. The family also had to abandon initial thoughts of repairs because, according to structural engineers, the damage was so catastrophic that the house became uninhabitable and had to be demolished. Leoš hasn't chosen any big foundation for this year, but, like last year, donating directly to a family will ensure a completely fresh start.

DobroDen is a motivation for others

Like every year, Leos added a clear message to his fans this year: “Each person is addressed by a different part of the charity world. Some donate to children from orphanages, some to disease research, some to dogs, some to pensioners, but all of course to some kind of charity. They sympathize. When it's DobroDen, no one forces you to send money to a specific location. The choice is entirely yours. Only the amount is given. For each follower, one crown for charity.” He caused an absolute frenzy (after all, as always), words of thanks and asked encouragement began to pile up in his comments.

Nikol Leitgeb also helps

But there were also hats. And not only on his person. For example, trail shoes Nicole Leitjeb. They told her she was “just” reporting the collections, when Leos was really helping. But it did not catch the influence of an incredible 687 thousand fans. Although she won't join Leo's Dobrotini, she defends herself: “Peter and I send thousands to collections every month. It's good for us because we are fed by Instagram ads. We didn't start the Radovan Foundation for profit, we subsidize it, and it doesn't look like anything will change!” The moderator also responded to the negative comments towards her: “It's good, dear. DobroDen is not a challenge. It's not about, everyone gets involved. It's no pressure for anyone. I found it only for myself, people started joining spontaneously. Only when they feel it.”

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He tried to calm his emotions, but unfortunately he did not succeed. But he doesn't take it seriously. When a person regularly contributes to foundations and charities, he donates a large sum of money once a year. The most important thing is that people are not indifferent to each other. Leos' wife Monica also joined the Tobroden event, which in the past has contributed to Good Angel or Dogs in Need.

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