Brno is monitoring the construction of the bridge in Bizarki. The concrete used will be enough for three football fields Transport | News | Brno gossip

The construction of the tram loop in Bizarki in Brno has progressed again. Workers started concreting the bridge. In one day, materials will be poured into the structure of the bridge, which will cover at least three football fields. People watch the unique construction process from a temporary vantage point at the Lipova stop, from where they will also observe the further development of the traffic interchange.

Bridging the full traffic turnstile at Scribe Depot was the most difficult part. Abutments and piers are already in place and work on the reinforced concrete structure of the bridge deck is underway. Builders will process almost a thousand cubic meters of concrete in a day, according to the Technical and Operational Director of the Transport Company of the City of Brno (TBMP). Vitoslav Shirk A unique event.

Another exceptional construction moment will occur in the second half of October, when workers will install the switches. “It’s called a rail veena, which means a link of fifteen tracks leading from the depot to the central one, which connects to the main line to Mendlovo Namesti. The total length of this branch is ninety-five meters and it is the largest of any tram depot in the Republic. CEO of DMPB explained Milos Havranek.

Part of the return loop is a new retaining wall that will help create two dead-end tracks where the carrier will park overnight debris. At the same time, it separates the part of the depot from the parking spaces in the future multifunctional hall at the Brno Exhibition Grounds.

Turntable saves time and money

The new loop, due to be completed next August, will allow cars to turn around earlier, saving the transport company millions. “Drivers now have to turn from the dam to the Scribes depot on the way to Mendlovo Namesti. The return loop allows driving directly. This way, we will save time and operating costs, which we calculate to be six million crowns per year. Ravenclaw explained.

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