Successful renovation of a small Prague 1+1 apartment

When renovating small, old apartments, the biggest challenge is to design a layout that suits the current lifestyle. This was the main task for the designer Lucia Popakova, who took care of the new look of the small Vinohrady apartment. However, the new interior was created without major construction interventions, while the equipment was mainly selected from ordinary furniture stores.

A different living room

Create a practical, comfortable arrangement in an apartment with an area of ​​​​50 m2 Usually a game for every bit space. However, the renovation of this apartment was still requested. The young owners worked with a very limited budget, so the author had to cut down on expensive construction interventions. So the layout remained 1+1, but the function of the individual rooms changed. They put a living room with a kitchen in small rooms – it was originally a narrow rectangular kitchen, which was difficult to use.

In the narrow living area, there is now not only a traditional sofa, but also a different seat, created by creating a bench in a place by the window. The teacher placed a work table in the main space, which was customized like the bench. Thanks to the beautiful view of Vinohrady streets and quality natural lighting, this small space has become a popular retreat for owners. The rest of the equipment was selected by the author at Ikea.

1+1 for individuals and young families

At this time, the spacious square-shaped bedroom is used only for sleeping and temporarily storing clothes. The author wanted to keep the apartment flexible to further build storage spaces, a workspace, a children’s corner or other equipment that may be needed after starting a family.

Furniture, sanitary ware and flooring come from a regular network of hobby markets. Likewise, small decorations can make a simple, inexpensive interior comfortable. In the future, with life changes and improvement in financial situation, more changes are expected.

Interior competition of the year

As part of the Interior of the Year competition, exceptional private and public interiors designed by Czech and Slovak architects and designers are presented annually. We gradually introduce you to the most interesting participants on our website. Major media partner of the tournament The eighth year’s winners were announced in May 2023 at the Dax Contemporary Art Center in Prague.

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