How many missiles can Russia accumulate: Yuri Ignat answers

The Russian Federation is capable of producing hundreds of missiles every month.

Aggressive country Russia Up to 900 long-range high-precision missiles can be stockpiled before winter. After all, there are no big blows like summer for months. Attacks on Ukraine could use enemy missiles.

This was announced by the spokesman of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yuriy Ignat, on the Telethon broadcast.

“If you count in the end, about 100 missiles were used every summer month. Already in the autumn months, there are no such intensive missile attacks. We still see Kh-59, Kh-31. But there is “Iskander”. -M”, “Iskander- Q”, the spokesperson said.

Referring to data from the Ukrainian General Staff and the Air Force, Ignat emphasized that in the fall, the Russian Federation was using dozens of missiles per month for strikes. The main intelligence agency believes that the Russian Federation can produce 100 missiles every month.

“A certain mathematical conclusion can be made that 870 or perhaps 900 (missiles – ed.) (missiles – ed.) is a high-precision long-range number in addition to air missiles (X-59, X-31, X-35), the same Like “Onyx” , S-300 missiles. We are talking only about long-range missiles,” stressed Yuri Ignat.

In the meantime let us remind you Russian troops launch dozens of drones every day On the territory of our Ukraine. With this approach, they look for weak points in our air defenses. Meanwhile, tension in Ukraine continues as the Russians strike in groups of several waves.

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