Durwa Agreement is beneficial, Minister Hladk agrees with Governor Pta

Czech and Polish government representatives are satisfied a year after signing an international agreement on the impact of coal on the Polish Torv coal mine. Environment Minister Petr Hladk thinks the agreement is very good. According to him, both residents of this region have the opportunity to know what is happening across the borders and how it affects them.

Hejtman Martin asks for confirmation that the signed contract has now been negotiated and approved. The main reason, according to him, is that the Czech party has access to specific data that it did not have before.

Instead, according to environmentalists from the Greenpeace movement and some local residents, the deal is not working.

According to Greenpeace, instead of pressing for mine closures and environmental protection, the government has traded the security of water resources for pensions for crisis infrastructure such as building water pipes.

It’s not just the dust that’s causing harm, but the constant heat and water discharges that are depleting the groundwater table in the region.

Commenting on the past situation, Nicole Krejov from Greenpeace R says that the case of lignite mining shows the unlimited power of the fossil industry, which destroys assets and livelihoods in those countries, while surrounding countries and the European Union fail to protect them. Protection and protection against the consequences of this profession.

People on the border always fear loss of drinking water sources due to their progress, but noise is also a pain. Also, the construction work is still in full swing as the construction of the waterway, which is one of the conditions of the contract, has not yet started.

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Hlukov zt dreamed

However, the Polish side ensured permanent noise and cleanliness on the Czech side. This shows that between 2020 and 2021, noise levels have decreased slightly and emission limits to protect the environment and human health are within the penal norms.

PGE, which operates the Turve mine, has yet to receive confirmation from Polish companies about the possibility of mining until 2044, apart from a controversial permit allowing it to continue mining until 2026, which, according to the court, is against the EU, first EU.

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