Stay sunny while it’s chilly and temperatures will drop by the weekend

on Monday It will be clear and partly cloudy, mostly pedestrian and overcast. Maximum temperatures will reach between 19 and 23 C, in the north-western half of the country they will be 26 C, in the mountains at an altitude of 1,000 meters it will be 16 C and in the north-east it will be 13 C.

Ter that night Clear in the middle and partly cloudy in the north in the morning. The temperature does not reach 10 and 6 C.

V der dog day It will again be clear and partly cloudy, with clouds gradually thinning during the day, and light, occasional rain gradually falling over the northeastern half of the country. The maximum temperature will reach 19 and 23 C, while it will be 17 C in Northeast and North.

We Sted The weatherman’s forecast is partly clear and cloudy during the day with light, sparse rain at times. In the Southwest, Sarks rarely occur. The minimum temperature will fall between 10 and 6 C. The maximum daytime temperature ranges from 17 to 21 C.

and tvrtek According to the forecast, the day will be partly sunny and partly cloudy with light, scattered showers at some places. Non-night temperatures will drop to 11 and 7 C. High daytime temperatures range between 19 and 23 C.

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in the bird can balance Partly clear during the day, cloudy with occasional showers or thunderstorms. Minimum temperature ranges from 12 to 8 C. Maximum daily temperature ranges between 21 and 25 C.

Available from Saturday to Monday

The weekend should be partly cloudy, cloudy during the day with light or cloudy skies in some places. The diameter and roundness decrease gradually.

Non-night temperatures will drop between 15 and 10 C. The maximum daily temperature rises between 22 and 26 C and gradually reaches 29 C.

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