Yudin, the head of the Russian guard, shot dead a captured soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine because of his Ukrainian language.

The Russian was angered by the Ukrainian language used by the prisoners.

In the temporarily occupied Energodar region of Zaporozhye, Rosguard commander Kostyantin Yudin shot and killed a captured Ukrainian soldier. He did not like that the Ukrainian answered him in Ukrainian.

about this It is said In notification of SBU.

According to the investigation, the head of the group of the 376th special operations battalion of the Russian Guard, Kostyantin Yudin, arrived in the occupied Energodar region of Zaporizhia in early April. The invaders brought Ukrainian prisoners of war there and forced them to dismantle the fortifications.

Yudin ordered the soldiers of the ZSU to line up and interrogate them. He was interested in the conditions under which Ukrainians were held in Russian captivity. He ordered the Ukrainians to answer him only in Russian. However, one of the armed forces responded in Ukrainian, which infuriated the occupier.

“After that, the guard took the man to a building on the border of the checkpoint, threatened with weapons and ordered him to face the wall. Then Yudin shot the victim in the right leg with a gun. As a result, the prisoner received a gunshot wound in the knee joint. The guard spoke with him in Russian. “He again demanded to speak only, but this time the Ukrainian refused to comply with the enemy’s orders,” the report said.

The invader then fired another shot near the Ukrainian guard’s head, but even then the Ukrainian refused to communicate in Russian.

“After that, the attacker took the victim to other prisoners and threatened to shoot them when he heard Ukrainian again,” the SBU reported.

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Investigators of the Security Service reported suspicion to Yudin under Part 1 of Art. 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of the laws and customs of war).

Let us remind you that in the city of Isium, Kharkiv region, a 40-year-old aggressor shot dead a 36-year-old woman who did not respond to his love. The fact that the Ukrainian woman spoke in Ukrainian irritated the criminal.

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