The castle was shaken and attributed to Minor’s activities. Subordinate shall pay

“In the activity log of the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter truck, on April 8, 2022, individual transports were recorded as having traveled 611 km, and on April 13, 2022, a second trip was recorded with Prague – Perov nad Labem – Osvítimány – Prague. A total of 610 kilometers traveled,” it says. Pages Administration of Prague Castle (SPH).

According to Castle, the next trip took place on May 16 last year, a trip from Prague to Prague to Auschwitz, back via Přerov nad Labem, covering a total of 598 kilometers. In total, this represents 1,819 kilometers.

“The founder gave me an instruction and I carried it out”

“For your own truck written for accounting and tax purposes, including fuel, tolls and costs for repairs and maintenance, calculated at the rate of 8.264 kroner per kilometer without VAT, i.e. 10 kroner per kilometer. After VAT, “15,033 kroner is used to reimburse the cost of operating the truck. The castle adds that the price including VAT is 18,190 crowns.

The website drew attention to the case in late February A list of messages. Ivo Velíček, then director of the Prague Castle administration, admitted on the website when asked directly that Mynář had not paid for the “presidential” transport of the trees. “No invoice was issued for this shipment. The founder gave me an instruction and I carried it out,” said Velicek. At the same time, Castle spokesperson Vít Novák told Seznam Zprávy that Castle is not a logistics company.

However, Velizek admitted that he had received an order from Minor to send a truckload of wood directly to Auschwitz. “I received an instruction from the High Chancellor to ensure traffic,” Velíšek confirmed to Seznam Zprávám.

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At the end of February, he defended himself by saying that he had not discovered the purpose of the trucks going to Auschwitz. “I received instructions and I followed them. Everything was within the scope of my job duties,” said the former director of fort administration. At the same time, Velicek was fired by the minors last year before the end of the year. He justified this by doubting whether he was managing the administration of Prague Castle well.

A complete inventory will be held

However, the Prague Castle administration has now brought up the fact that the said journeys were carried out on the orders of the driver assigned to the secretariat of the former director of the Prague Castle administration. When asked by the Prague Castle administration, Minor treated the matter as private and the former director of SPH guaranteed the correct invoice of the trips.

“After finding that the use of the technology was recorded in SPH’s records contrary to the facts, SPH will return to the former director of SPH who ordered it as a business trip, with an explanation and a request for reimbursement of expenses.” says “In cooperation with the Office of the President of the Republic, SPH’s internal guidelines for the use of road transport will be simultaneously tightened,” Hrad adds.

The editors of asked SPH spokesperson Vít Novák why Velíšek should cover the costs and whether Mynář would cover anything. “Logically, because it’s an SPH company car,” Novak answered questions.

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Seznam previously reported that Mynář had a party tent belonging to Prague Castle brought from the capital to a ski slope in Osvětimany. He told reporters that he had already paid the invoices for the loan and transportation to his subordinates, but it turned out that he could not do so because the castle had yet to issue one.

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