Snow complicates traffic, making roads in the Highlands difficult to drive, including the T1 highway

PRAGUE – Heavy snowfall, ice on trolleys and frozen switches hampered public transport operations in the central Bohemian region and parts of Prague this afternoon and evening. Buses, trams and trains ran late, with mainly suburban routes diverted or canceled altogether. The Prague Integrated Transport (PID) network reported that many roads were impassable due to the snow disaster. X and by Website. Roads in the Highlands, including the D1 highway, are difficult to drive, slippery and covered in snow. Snowfall in the Olomouc region this evening complicated traffic on the roads.

Liberec area

Today, heavy wet snow and fallen trees have complicated transportation and power supply in Liberec region. Firefighters made 120 trips during the day and night. Spreaders were stuck in some places due to fallen trees, traffic was disrupted on several railway lines, and trains on the line from Česká Lípa to Baku will not run until midnight due to fallen trees. Up to 3,500 homes were without power during the day and hundreds more in the evening.

Up to 15 centimeters of snow fell in the area today, and the rain stopped in the evening. However, there may still be remnants of mud and slippery snow on major trails. Meteorologists have also said that snow may form on wet roads. Truck drivers should be careful in the mountains, and trucks stuck during the day should be in complex traffic, for example on road 13 in Kameniky Seno or on road 292 in Semilsko, according to the police.

Today there were power outages due to fallen trees, mainly in Českolipsk and Jabloneck, and there were also breakdowns in high voltage. “We have already cleared outages since the morning, but new ones appeared in the afternoon,” ČEZ Group spokeswoman Sona Holingarová told ČTK. According to him, after 6:00 p.m., energy workers recorded four high-voltage faults in Českolipsk. “Rescue operations will be carried out at night and at low voltage levels tomorrow,” he said. According to him, problems are caused by wet, heavy snow. “Trees are falling, wires are broken and conductors are damaged, many trees have not shed their leaves yet and are therefore covered with snow,” he added.

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Firefighters made 120 trips to downed trees by 6:30 p.m. “After 2:00 p.m., at the same level as at night, when there is a lot of outflow, it will no longer be there,” Petra Knikova, representing the fire department’s spokesperson, told ČTK.

Trees fell on several railway lines and traffic was affected. According to information from Website The railway administration did not run trains from Jablonec to Semili in Jablonec, from Ceska Lipa to Blicevtli and from Pestes to Bela Pot Pestzem. Currently traffic is stopped only on the route from Česká Lípa to Bakovo nad Jizerou.

For trucks over six tons, the third-class road through Oldrichovské Zetlo to Raspenawa and Hejnice is closed due to snow, and drivers must take the 13 main road through Fridland, where salt is used.

According to Meteorologists Temperatures will drop to minus seven at night and minus 12 degrees Celsius in the mountains. However, the precipitation should stop and the cloud cover should decrease temporarily. At lower elevations, snow can form on wet roads and snow tongues can form on mountains.

Olomouc region

Snowfall on roads in the Olomouc region has caused traffic problems again this evening. Drivers should drive carefully, especially in Jesenice and Šumbarska, where the road is covered with mud or driven snow. Firefighters attended several traffic accidents in the evening in these hill districts, which were avoided without injury. Lucy Balasova, spokeswoman for the fire department, told CTK today.

“The snow complicates traffic in the north of the region. We intervene in four different places for traffic accidents,” he said. At Vidnav in Jesenice, a bus ran into a ditch, and in nearby Vápenná, the I/60 road was blocked by a stuck truck. “The road is closed in Geskyní Na Pomezí,” added Balážová.

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Firefighters respond to an accident involving a bus and a truck at Zlaty Hory in Jesenice. Both the vehicles blocked the road after the collision. “We’re kicking them out,” Balazsova said. Firefighters freed two cars that ran off the road near Hraběšice in Sumbarska.

The snowfall is gradually stopping, but there is still slush on the roads in the northern part of the Olomouc region. On road 44 near the village of Bělá pod Pradědem, there is a glacier in an area almost 900 meters long. In Olomouc, Přerovsk and Prostějovsk, the roads are passable, but at higher altitudes they are muddy.

Central Bohemian region

Public transport operations in the Central Bohemia region and parts of the city of Prague were complicated this afternoon and evening by heavy snow, ice on trolleys and snow-covered switches. Buses, trams and trains ran late, with mainly suburban routes diverted or canceled altogether. The Prague Integrated Transport (PID) network reported that many roads were impassable due to the snow disaster. X and by Website. Meteorologists warned that it will cool down in the afternoon, and snow and ice or frost may develop.

Trains S3, R21, R43 ran with significant delays at Praha-Satalice, Praha-Čakovice and Chotětov stations due to buried switches. Lines S5, R24 and R45 again experienced problems with a switch failure at Kladno. Line S34 was completely canceled this afternoon, as were many bus routes across the central Bohemian region. Some lines are shortened or run late. For example, there were problems with the connections from Brakwin Slicin to Hostivice, from Boryslavka to Holupis, from Smichovske Natrasi to Žilovići, from Cerne Most to the village of Žirni, and so on. Several buses were stuck or stopped after colliding with other vehicles on icy roads.

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In Prague, some tram, city and suburban buses ran with delays or diversions due to snow and heavy car traffic in the city, the transport agency said. Website. For example, bus number 166 ran outside the Bulovka hospital area, while line 164 or 231 had less traffic.

Highlands region

Roads in the Highlands, including the D1 highway, are difficult to drive, slippery and covered in snow. In the two hours till 8:00 pm, the police reported 17 accidents in the area. Trucks cannot go, for example, on road 602 beyond Černovice in Vyskytná or Pelhřimovské. This was reported by Regional Police Spokesperson Dana Sirtkova. He urged drivers to be extra careful.

Cars had problems on the highway near Větrné Jeníkov in Zihlovsk on the 104th kilometer of the D1. Before 20:00, two trucks collided in this section, the vehicle ran into barriers at the 164th kilometer of the D1 in the direction of Brno. In Havlíčkobrodsk, four vehicles collided on road 34 near the village of Krátká Ves.

Temperatures in the highlands dropped to five degrees below zero. Snow and frost are developing, and snow tongues are possible at higher elevations in the northeast of the region. According to meteorologists, the snow should stop overnight.

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