“Shame, Sadness, Disgust”. Martha is taken to the MPs for marriage

02.03.2024 21:41 | monitoring

Actress Martha Is has revealed she feels nothing but “disgrace” following the decision by MPs to back a proposal to give same-sex couples most of the rights of married couples, after their union was labeled a “partnership” rather than a “marriage”. Hate and sadness”. “We see gays and lesbians as second-class citizens,” he said, accusing him of disapproving of so-called “marriage for all”.


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Isova did not hide her displeasure after the House of Representatives' decision to grant most of the rights of husbands to same-sex couples, but instead of naming the union “marriage” as a “partnership” and restrictions on rights. Adopt children.

In the third reading, MPs supported an amendment by Jiří Navratil (KDU-ČSL) and Helena Valkova (ANO) calling marriages of same-sex couples “partnerships” and adoption of children is possible only if there is a child. A biological parent is one of the partners.

“Shame, sadness, disgust,” the actress commented on her Instagram along with several photos with her gay friends.

“Jirga and Mujdat. My closest friends. I treat them like family. They are my cousins. Jirga since I was sixteen, and five years later, when Mujdat came to the Czech Republic from Turkey, he could truly, fearlessly and openly live who he was. This time I am lucky to be close to them and enjoy their relationship, which is the strongest and most loving one around me. Both are decent, honest and kind, and I am very ashamed that they are denied the right to marry in the Czech Republic,” Issov complains.

“We still don't have equal rights in 2024 and we see gays and lesbians as second-class citizens,” he complained.

Like the actress, many LGBT+ activists are unhappy with the MPs' decision. Activist Kristof Stupka, for example, said Wednesday was a “sad day for rainbow families.” “Today's vote shows that equality and human rights cannot be compromised. Today is a sad day for rainbow families and the future of LGBTQ+ people in the Czech Republic. “Equality and justice have left the room,” he said.

Many politicians who have long supported “marriage for all” also expressed displeasure. “Only one compromise proposal was passed, which straightens out rights, rather than bringing legal uncertainty,” noted Pirate MP Klara Gokmanova. According to it it was “no win”.. According to him, his party is going to continue promoting its plan on marriage for same-sex couples in the future.


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