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Moscow repeats stories of discrimination against Russian-speakers.

The Russian Federation used the so-called Conference of Representatives of All Levels of the “Prednistrian Moldavian Republic” and their call for “help” as an impetus to strengthen hybrid operations. Moldova.

This is stated in the new article reports Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

ISW analysts assert that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov used the Antalya diplomatic forum to promote the Kremlin's narrative about Moldova. They may have created the conditions for possible hybrid actions by the Kremlin aimed at destabilizing Chisinau and preventing its accession to the EU.

In particular, during a forum in Turkey, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the government of Moldova is “following in the footsteps of Kiev.” Lavrov compared Moldova's policy towards Transnistria with Ukraine before 2014. In addition, the minister repeated the Kremlin's traditional narratives that Moldova discriminates against Russian-speakers, applies “economic pressure” on Transnistria and blocks the “5+2” negotiation process on the Transnistrian conflict.

ISW continues to assess that the Kremlin will use the recent Transnistrian congress as an impetus to step up hybrid measures aimed at destabilizing and further polarizing Chisinau ahead of Moldova's EU accession negotiations and the country's presidential elections in 2024.

Crisis in Transnistria

February 28 Unrecognized Transnistria turned to Russia for help Regarding the alleged economic embargo by Moldova. The authors of the appeal ask for action to protect Transnistria, “taking into account the fact that more than 220,000 Russian citizens live permanently on the territory of the republic and the uniquely positive experience of Russian peacekeeping in the Dniester.”

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Officer Kishinev commented on the report. Thus, Moldova's Foreign Minister Mihai Babshoi made the call to the Russian Federation about “another element of hybrid warfare” and “assistance” in efforts to destabilize the situation in Moldova.

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