How the university and the language ombudsman responded –

There was a language scandal at the state tax university in Irben: a teacher He refused to take the lead Despite the demands of the students, the couple from philosophy in Ukrainian. He argued for this by the fact that he taught philosophy in Russian for 35 years, which was beyond his consciousness.

The administration responded to the incident by launching an official investigation and temporarily suspending the teacher.

Language ombudsman Taras Kremin responds to scandal at DPU. Yesterday, I learned from social networks about this unfortunate incident at the State Tax University of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. And decided to initiate state control measures,” he said in a comment.Life in UP“.

He added that it was decided to suspend the professor pending an official investigation to clarify the situation.

According to the Ombudsman, this is one of the examples of computer discipline when students convince their teachers to switch to the Ukrainian language.

Gremin also reported that in the first quarter of 2023, it received 114 complaints from citizens regarding violations of the law in preschool, public secondary and higher education institutions.

“Linguistic culture, language stability is one of the indicators of identity, which is very serious in conditions of full-scale invasion. In conditions of rapid transition of citizens to communication in Ukrainian, any signs of violation of their rights, whether it is in the service sector, the activity of local self-government bodies, education, are felt very acutely. .

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Therefore, I believe that every rector should take additional response measures and demonstrate to the teams the need to comply with the law,” Cremin emphasizes.

The ombudsman said that he had a meeting with Minister of Education and Science Oksen Lisov: “We agreed on joint measures to strengthen control over compliance with the language law in educational institutions.”

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