Free Trade Zone Ends – What Ukraine Can Expect

FTA may come to an end

A committee of the European Parliament will begin considering an agreement on a free trade area with Ukraine. The agreement expires in 2024 and the Ukrainian government is working on extending it.

Taras Vysotskyi, First Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, commented on the Telethon broadcast about the strategy to reduce the consequences of the blockade of Ukrainian borders by Polish farmers. Ugrinform. “The government is actively working to expand the free trade area with the European Union, which expires on June 5 this year. This is strategically important for Ukraine, as it will provide domestic manufacturers with confidence and a planning horizon.” Vysotsky said.

According to him, the possible position of the European Union and, in particular, the Polish opposition depends on this agreement. “Next week, the agreement is expected to be considered in a special committee of the European Parliament. Therefore, our government officials are now actively working in Brussels to ensure the successful implementation of the agreements for Ukraine and Ukrainian farmers who supply food to Europe,” said Vysotsky.

Commenting on the border blockade situation, he emphasized that not only Ukrainian, but also Polish producers are losing a significant share of income due to the decrease in the volume of trade in agricultural products and food products with Ukraine.

“The countries of the European Union still need food imports from third countries, so we hope that our logical arguments will allow us to resolve the situation before blocking the borders again, as the opponents have announced. After all, the economies of both countries in February, due to the border blockade, Ukraine's budget did not receive UAH 8 billion, the previous After the protests, since November last year, the loss is estimated at UAH 20 billion, Vysotsky said.

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As OBOZ.UA reports, according to the reports of international analysts, Orbán is a catalyst for other destroyers of the European order – “from the new government in Slovakia to those trying to form a far-right cabinet in the Netherlands.” Thus, not only is he not afraid of the EU's tough measures (for example, the suspension of the Union's funding), he is drawn by them to further clash with the Union.

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