Secret of the Mountains: In Necranis, rust is theoretically not built

There is not enough water in the triangle of the city of Kata Somutov Adek, which is only on the sarcastic wall of the Krunj mountains. As power plants began to be built in the region, surface coal mines were opened and the population grew, logically the demand for water increased. So they started talking about building a reservoir.

A bend in the Ohe River near the village of Necranis seemed the most suitable location for construction given the size of the footprint. But building in this area was geologically foolish, as the rust would have rested on a 300-meter layer of sediment.

The order was clear that the dam can be built at any cost. So the designers had to figure out how to design the water cannon’s dam so it wouldn’t drive into soft ground like it would into butter. In the end, they ate loose ground rust with a system that would cut off the benches.

Simply put, first a low but very wide and solid embankment was poured, over which the main embankment was poured. The Bitowak Bench is on the right hand side, which is in the middle of the original bed of Ohe Irok and 800 meters. It was successful, and in the 55 years since it was laid, according to the designers, the floor has fallen only 80 centimeters.

The main ridge is 47 meters high and 3,280 meters long, making it the longest loose ridge in Central Europe. The brains of the entire dam can be found in your building, planted in front of the water line on the right. Not only is the 65-meter-high concrete elevator the main one, but two lower entrances with a diameter of 2,600 mm and two Kaplan turbines, each with a power of five megawatts.

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Concrete of the building, they were installed in June 1964 in the inflow of lower drains

Go with them to the depths of the reservoir

Want to know how employees can access your building from the inside? Take it easy by bike or car. A 500 meter long tunnel leads down to the concrete wolf and under the rock. It is divided into two floors, the upper floor has the flow of communication and all technologies, the lower one has two drains that divert water from the lower entrances.

ez vov means VD Nechranice

We will teach you all the floors of your building. We’ll take it from below, through turbines from low entrances, and into a very tight space under the roof. We look around from the porch of your building and find out where the inspection board is stored.

Nechranick Reservoir has this fence with safety gates. All recently updated. At the time of construction, the anti-flood function of the water cannon was overlooked. In this way, the water level can be manipulated, and the space in the well can be used to send the flood wave further downstream.

The safety barriers were recently reconstructed to better handle the water bodies

The reconstruction lowered the strip of an embankment by five meters, so the water from the reservoir could draw more water. By this, proper space is created and water gets stagnant inside. I also take selfies with the camera for filming.

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Although the Necranic Dam has been standing since 1968, the last word on it is yet to be found. Ohe’s source is preparing a plan to connect it to the future Lake Lipa, which will be developed at the coal mine Nstup Tuimice. So there is a possibility that Podkrunoho will once again become a landscape of lakes.

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