Defense Ministry said what awaits civilian candidates

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Citizens without military service experience applying to recruitment centers must undergo basic military training for one month, and then undergo professional training in a selected military accounting specialty.

A representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on recruitment issues said this in a broadcast on public radio Oleksiy Bezhevets.

According to him, 20 recruitment centers for military service are already operating in Ukraine. The first center (as a pilot project) started working in Lviv in mid-February.

“Those who come to us are usually divided into two categories: those who have served and have experience in military service and completely civilians who have not served. Accordingly, the ex-military accounting specialty already exists. If a person with this specialty now wants to serve, the mechanism is somewhat simpler, because such a person no longer needs additional training, He can enter army branch according to his specialty.

A military accounting specialty is determined for such a person, taking into account the requirements of the military, his previous career, experience, etc. – purely for the civilian population – mandatory training. And then this person prepares, gets basic monthly military training, and then there’s professional training.”– said Bezhenets.

to his owls, “The most in-demand positions in the military right now are front-line personnel.”.

“These are parts of priority equipment. Today there are more than 100 of them, for all positions (Ed.), primarily operators of any weapons, mechanics, drivers, gunners, etc.

But not only these areas, not only the front line, the big army now needs men in many areas. It’s maintenance of equipment, it’s logistics and distribution; Folks, doctors are in great demand. In general, we tell people: come, ask questions, try to find the position that suits you best.”– explained the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

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According to reports, on May 7, an information point for recruitment to the Ukrainian army was opened at the Central Railway Station in Kyiv, where people from any region can apply.

On April 17, the law on mobilization, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada and signed by the President, was published in the official publication of the Ukrainian Parliament – the “Voice of Ukraine” newspaper. The Act will come into effect from May 18.

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