You can watch seven major crime scenes for free

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Cont Mare is from East Town

Kate Winslet stars as a detective from a small Pennsylvania town who investigates a local murder, while also having a personal life that separates her. Over the course of the series, we explore the dark side of closed societies and see how family and everyday tragedies affect our lives.

Overwhelmed by critics, Kate Winslet’s brilliant performance and breathtaking mystery.

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Cont Perry Mason

Perry Mason

A modern adaptation by Perry Mason based on Earl Stanley Gardner’s classic books set in Los Angeles in 1931. I play a kid who gets upside down and falls down, so I’m Perry Mason to Matthew Rhys. The first series has eight episodes that fly like water and you can expect the second series soon.

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Cont waste land

waste land

A series of crime thrillers on HBO. Here, Zuzana Stivnov plays the mayor of a northern Bohemian village who finds herself at the height of her fight against an evil society that offers a large reward to the villagers for abandoning their homes. At that time, his teenage daughter disappeared, and in other roles, for example, the great Jaroslav Duke, Elika Kenkov, John Cena and others. You won’t find an esq series with such atmosphere.

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Picture Suffering is on the side


Here, Ml Gibson plays a dull-witted cop who has Vince Vaughn as his colleague. You know him from the comics, but you won’t recognize him in this film. After they’re suspended, head out to bring justice to the criminal underworld when it’s revealed that you’ve been brutalizing the suspects. This is not a relaxing movie. Blood, brutality, power. It won’t be long before we get married.

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Picture At Ek Wra Railway

In railways

Czech detective classic with Jim Sowek, Jaromar Hanslek or Radosław Prazobohat. Here, Major Gala steals a new series of banknotes. Stolen from the train during the explosion. Exciting event, concert performance by top Czech stars What more could a Czech criminal ask for?

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Picture in the stomach

Ve st

In Slovakia in the first half of the 1950s, it was not easy for the criminal captain under Ivan Trojan. It depicts a robbery as a seemingly routine crime, however, it becomes a bit more complicated over time. State security will take care of the case and it is more important to be a politician, not to solve the case. A detective thriller from an era never to be forgotten.

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Cont Maman


Shy Esk was talking about privatizing a fictitious energy company, his dark attempt to rip off a newspaper led by Madje Hedtek. Vladimir Michlek shot this crime scene in 2015, and it’s one of the best he’s ever made in the Czech Republic.

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