A sadistic pedophile will go to prison for abusing girls, including a two-month-old baby girl

The thirty-five-year-old man confessed to everything and cooperated with the police. He pleaded guilty in court. Evidence was not presented and the court heard only forensic experts from the fields of psychology and psychiatry.

The defendant, who had a rich criminal history, had the girls turned over to him by his girlfriends. In the process, he abused them, held them, and sexually satisfied them. He raped someone. At the time, three victims were under the age of 15. The man captured the whole thing on his cell phone.

He often used a camper van for his activities and did not stop his horrific behavior even when the abused two-month-old baby girl cried. He just stuck a thermometer in her genital area and kept moving it.

“The defendant suffers from pedophilic sadism with multiple sexual desire disorder, his actions are not impulsive, but rather, targeted and premeditated,” said Petra Sejbalova, an expert in the field of psychiatry. He described her personality as immature, unstable and of normal to mild mental retardation.


This is a very difficult security measure. In the penal system, it is a last resort—ordered by the court only when other measures, such as protective treatment in a psychiatric hospital, are out of the question. One of its tasks is to protect society from those who would be dangerous if they were free, but who are not criminally responsible by reason of insanity. Therefore, institutions for protective detention are more like prisons than medical facilities.

He has been convicted and prosecuted for similar acts in the past. But he sexually harassed older women by touching them with their clothes. At that time, the court ordered him to be treated as an inpatient and later as an outpatient. The man received treatment for 12 years, but eventually, his visits to the outpatient specialist stopped.

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“And I consider that the treatment is pointless, the defendant already had the knowledge, but he deliberately did not follow it,” Sejbalova said. Together with psychologist Marcela Langová Šindelářová, she acknowledges the increased risk of recidivism, which is not only a result of their assessment, but also a result of the defendant's past and his low capacity for self-control.

Part of the sentence was an obligation to pay the injured girls 50, 60 and 80 thousand crowns as non-monetary damages. The judgment is not final, and the defendant has a deadline to appeal.

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