SBU exposed 5 pro-Russian rebels who supported Russia


“The illegal activity of a blogger from the capital, who publicly humiliated one of the national communities and denied Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine, has been stopped,” the SBU writes.

The blogger “Babyn Yar” recorded provocative streams on the territory of the historical and memorial archive, and then published them on his own Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages.

Cytomir region

The operatives of the local branch of the bogus people's government were exposed. The prisoners turned out to be two locals who forced Kremlin stories about the war in Ukraine on people.

For example, they called Russia's armed aggression an “internal conflict”. To spread enemy propaganda, they held so-called “seminars” and then posted videos on social networks.

Photo: SBU arrests 5 pro-Russian rebels (

Zaporizhzhia region

“The wife of the abbot of the local UOC (MP) church was exposed, who heroized the Russian aggressors and justified their crimes in Mariupol in her own Telegram channel,” says the SBU.


A rebel who publicly called for a military coup and a coup d'état in Ukraine was punished.

“According to all the revealed facts, investigations are underway to establish all the circumstances of the crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice,” the press service writes.

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