Rehabilitation of “mniek”. Blake sued the 1966 demonstration

Lawyer Lubomr Mueller has said in this regard. Supreme Court spokeswoman Gabriela Tomkov confirmed the court received the documents this month. He leads two separate women.

In August 1966, a demonstration against the Veejn bezpenosti (VB) operation was held in Vlasatci on the instructions of the health expert of the Ministry of the Interior. At that time, VB guards caught several youths and forcibly beat them. Men with hair. According to the press of the time, about 130 people attended Jiji’s rally, chanting slogans such as “Remove the hair and give us back our hair”.

Some students of Czech faculties verbally requested their support, while the public security representatives did not understand what was happening and did not know how to react. In the end, the demonstration was actually brutally broken up, with the British ambassador even using physical force on a young man, historian Ladislav Kudrna said in a post on the state’s website for the study of authoritarian regimes.

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The Communists, following the example of their counterparts in America and England, dressed casually and nicknamed young men with long hair monikers or hairheads. Monks are only men, not their associates, who share the same lifestyle with them.

In the following trial at the District Court for Prague 2, 14 young women were convicted. According to Kudrna, seven unconditional sentences ranging from one to 16 months were imposed.

Mueller said that if half of the criminals at that time were minors, in the case of rehabilitation today, they could receive not only compensation, but also payment of old-age pensions for unlawful deprivation of liberty. According to Mueller, the minister’s arguments that the law was violated are favorable to all 14 criminals. However, only Maryka and Turk, born in 1947 and 1949, will now be put on trial.

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