Hana Hartichow: Element V, How She Succeeded in Writing

What is your main ambition as a teacher?
In the first grade, children should learn only the basics, such as standing, fisting and sweating, but for me, it is important that they know how to communicate and always tell them in the right way that something is wrong with them. Don’t let anyone hurt you and they won’t hurt others. If I don’t set up a safe environment in the classroom as soon as possible, I won’t finish teaching in the truest sense of the word. When the child talks to you, he wants to read his opinion, argument, someone will start laughing at him, then it will be quiet.

Therefore, my main ambition is for children to learn to work in a team, to take responsibility for themselves and their learning, to support themselves, to understand and accept that everyone can work differently. For example in work, partnership and family relationships. What would they need, would they be big? We can’t say for sure, but they need to be flexible, able to evaluate situations and make decisions, they need to be able to communicate, and they need to be socially active.

After a while, a boy, an element at the end of z, said: I do not know how to stand, because you did not give me stars and stars. More than that: Tobey, I’ll give you one. Looked for a while, didn’t like it, I continued: U um st?

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