Russians took a dangerous ship to the Black Sea – OK “Pivden”

The warship “Admiral Makarov” was sent to the waters of the Black Sea.

This was reported by the representative of the operational command “South” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Vladislav Nazarov. telegram With reference to the naval forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The warship can carry 8 caliber KRMPs.

And the security forces of the South are reported, there is a specific operation of the enemy’s strategic aircraft: 8 Tu-95ms took off from the Olan airfield in the Murmansk region of the Russian Federation. Alleged equipment – up to 16 Kh-101/55 missiles.

“We will immediately respond to the signals of air alarms. No panic, only concentrated actions. We remember that the security forces are ready and will protect your peace and life!” – Reading news on social networks.

“Admiral Makarov” is a frigate of the Russian Navy, the third frigate of the “Admiral Grigoryovich” class project 11356R (“Peterbird”), the flagship and one of the newest ships of the Russian Navy. It was located in Sevastopol, temporarily occupied by the Russians. Named after Stepan Makarov of the Russian Imperial Navy, Vice Admiral Mykoliev.

Captain 1st Rank Hirihori Priev, a former Ukrainian soldier, war criminal and collaborator with Russia, from Vinnytsia, was on board the ship. Sworn officer of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation who betrayed the Ukrainian military oath in 2014.

Let us recall that In the direction of Tavria, the Ukrainian army destroyed almost a hundred invaders.

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