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Pyrocar, the country’s largest gathering of fire engines, took place in 2023 after a gap of five years. More than 350 vehicles from all over the country, including thousands of firefighters and people interested in fire equipment, arrived at the airport in Přibyslav in mid-August.

A cross section of technology was on display from historic syringes, old tankers, transport vehicles to the latest tankers. Everyone could see all the parked vehicles and of course the fire equipment manufacturers.

THT Polička presented the latest Tatra Force, which you already know from Pyros; A site has been parked nearby, which the fire and rescue service will receive in the coming months – we’ll be looking at that in more detail soon. A new large-capacity Scania was also on set.

According toThe new generation of Datra Force fire engine got a completely new cabin for the team, new range of engines and transmissions

The company KOBIT-THZ was represented by several vehicles, for example, a combined fire truck from Dol, a tank with a rescue vehicle from Skodovka or one of the latest additions – “Bison” from Zhilov u Brahi.

According toA compact technical car on the Ivego Daily chassis, manufactured by KOBIT – THZ for firefighters from Jilov u Brahi.

Representatives of the manufacturer MOTO-TRUCK CZ presented their vehicles on site, from transport vehicles to command vehicles to tanks. The main draw is of course the Maleč village reservoir with a modified control panel and management via tablet.

According toThe municipality of Maleč purchased a new tank for its firefighters on a Scania chassis, supplied by Moto-Truck CZ.

The presence of the largest chassis suppliers was certainly a point – representatives of the companies Tatra and Scania were present with their vehicles. They were happy to explain the benefits of their chassis to all the firefighters. The main area was filled with Mercedes, Unimog from Warnsdorf and Zetros from Luzna took to the exhibition area.

According toThe journey from the Unimog idea to its realization in Warnsdorf was a long one, with the tanker eventually being replaced by a technical car.

The company ZHT GROUP offered special solutions, of course there were various bodies for four-wheeled vehicles – for people transport or fire equipment, with a fire trailer attached.

According toZHT Group’s firefighting trailer will significantly expand the capabilities of units equipped only with a transport vehicle.

In the second aisle were the major stockists of Pyrocar and leading manufacturers and sellers of all firefighting equipment.

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The common partner of the entire festival – fire protection – is missing. In several connected sections, all visitors saw a lot of equipment, with emphasis on exclusive supplier Rosenbauer from the Czech Republic.

In addition to small things – for example, Rosenbauer power plants or shoes – technology was also on display. It had to come from abroad, after all, no one in our country has yet bought the latest RT 4×4 electric car. Bosch firefighters arrived with a tanker.

According toFirefighters from BOSCH Zihlava received a new MAN tank car sprayer from Rosenbauer, the car was provided by Požarní bezpečnost.

One of the innovations in fire protection is the exclusive representation of Roslin, i.e. fire vacuum cleaners. Enthusiasts saw a practical demonstration where the vacuum cleaner was continuously “emptied” for several hours. A special skimmer floats in the pool to vacuum, for example, oils from the water surface. We will also cover the topic of vacuuming water and hazardous materials shortly.

Pavlíš a Hartmann is a traditional manufacturer and seller of firefighting equipment, on a large stand the company’s representatives presented a complete range – from connections and hose fittings and flow lines to hydrant systems, floating hoses and motorized sprinklers. Traditionally, a guessing competition was also held, the main prizes being power plants.

Thankfully, this year we took advantage of our important partner’s position and set up facilities to meet fans and sell mugs and books. The publication of the new book – Firemen: Nosáč’s stories, or as it really was, was one of the turning points of the whole pyrocar.

We thank both Powleys and Hartmann and Fire Safety for their participation and participation in the production of the book. Robert Valal and Marta Hartmannova named the book for us on stage and wished it success. If you don’t have time to buy it from us, know that it will be available in our new e-shop in a few days, just like the Supro Firefighter mugs.

According toPOŽÁ publishes Nosáč’s stories. A book with famous firefighter pictures is available at Pyrocar

One of the other big sellers is the company Probo from Nové Bor, which also has a cross-section of its offer on the stand. Bullard thermal cameras are one of the attractions at the nearby STIMAX stand.

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Holic’s gloves and footwear were also available at the aforementioned stands, and Eccotarp products were widely represented on the exhibition floor.

Firefighter clothing manufacturers ensure that a firefighter has something to wear during an intervention. Leading representatives of this sector in our country presented their portfolios.

At GoodPro, you’ll find emergency clothing nicknamed Fire in a variety of color combinations, and the top of the range is of course the FireWarrior – a racing TFA special on display.

According toGoodPRO’s FireFalcon and FireSnake single-layer emergency clothing undergo innovation and planned recertification.

In addition to emergency clothing – including the new Bushfire version – HAIX boots were also available at Teva’s stand.

According toTeva’s single-layer bushfire emergency clothing has undergone a generational change, with the 2023 version bringing, among other things, greater visibility.

Represented by TESIMAX, firefighters appreciated HARD-CORE FX clothing and SILVERFLASH anti-chemical clothing.

From firefighting equipment, we can mention the GES company, a distributor of proven type Honeywell detectors (formerly GasAlert) with the demonstration of modern gas detectors, or the Eurolamp company, which has provided dozens of well-led lighting technologies. Known Firefighter Survivor.

According toGES CZ is the largest supplier of gas detectors for the fire and rescue service, also advising volunteer units.

In addition to the registered volunteer units, a large number of technicians arrived, there were also emergency vehicles of railway firemen or firemen of the rescue department at Pripyla Airport. It was a pleasure to get to know the vehicles that had already been written about in the technology column and walk among the vehicles.

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It is certainly not possible to cover all the technologies in the article with photos, fortunately not only us, but experienced colleagues www.technikaizs.czOn whose website is a statement And Milan Termek, a traditional photographer of fire extinguishers, also arrived. He has photographs on Facebook.

We hope all of Pyrocar’s participants and visitors were satisfied, and we look forward to seeing you all over the next five years. We would like to thank all readers who visited our and our partners’ positions and exchanged a few words with us.

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