The first mushrooms and Cossacks are growing: they are even a quarter of a year ahead of the calendar!

An early Cossack put his hat on display in Taborsk, and Jindra Martinkova found it in the grass. “We go to watch it grow, and my husband waters the handsome man, who has been drying and pickled in vinegar since last year.” Describes a mushroom picker. It would be a shame to take away such a rarity.

Blacksmith's Mushrooms grew again in Hradecka. Jana Wyborna and Ondrej Musil found them there. In addition, common spring mushrooms such as May mushrooms and morels also grow.

Parents of young children are terrified by this poisonous insect.  Now is his season.

Is it snowing?

Warmer than average weather is currently prevailing and nature is running fast, which will last through the weekend. On Sunday, it will be up to 26 degrees, especially in the southeast of the country. It will cool down hard early next week. Behind the cold front, snow and wet air will sweep us in from the northwest. And it can be very shocking. We measure only ten degrees during the day and two at night. We also need to account for floor freezers. It is not excluded that snow may occur in the mountains and flakes may also appear at lower levels.

Will there be a shortage of water?

The land in the south of Bohemia now has less water than was usual during the same period. This applies to both rivers and land. March was below normal in terms of rainfall, with 26 mm of water falling per m2. If there is not much rain in May and June, there will be disaster in summer like drought, lack of water in wells and mildew.

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Mushrooms that look like they belong to another world

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