Biden signed the budget and called on Congress to pass a plan to help Ukraine

US President Joe Biden signed the $1.2 trillion budget, ending the threat of a government shutdown, while calling on the House of Representatives to pass the plan, backed by Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

As the “European Truth” writes, this is stated in the White House message.

“I want to make it clear – the work of the Congress is not over. The House of Representatives must pass bipartisan legislation for additional funds (for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan) …” – said the US President.

The bipartisan government funding bill he signed keeps government running, invests in the American people, strengthens the economy and national security.

“This deal is a compromise, which means neither side got everything they wanted,” Biden added.

On Saturday morning, the Senate of the United States Congress Approved the long-term budget 1.2 Trillion Dollars – After a few hours the government's operating money had formally run out.

Speaker Johnson said this earlier Draft legislation on additional financing to support Ukraine Once the central government's financial problem is resolved, it will be considered in the House of Representatives.

The other day, Johnson actually agreed to block the decision on aid to Ukraine, but with significant changes – it would be a plan of delegation and aid. In the form of loans or loan-lease.

He also acknowledged that aid to Ukraine and Israel is all the same will be divided into separate projects. Any new bill must receive enough votes in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

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