Romania’s foreign ministry has summoned the Russian ambassador over the drone crash

Romania’s foreign ministry summoned Russian ambassador to Bucharest Valery Kuzmin on Thursday after a Russian drone crashed over the country’s border.

This is reported by “European Reality”, referring to the department’s report.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its strong protest regarding the incident caused by the uncontrolled fall of a drone used in an attack on the port infrastructure of Ukraine on the night of December 13-14. The city of Grynda.” – said in the report.

“This is a new violation of Romanian airspace, which is contrary to international law,” the agency says.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to demand an end to the continuous attacks on the Ukrainian population and civilian infrastructure, as well as the irresponsible escalation of the security situation by the Russian Federation, including on the border between Romania and Ukraine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs once again strongly condemns these attacks against civilian objects, which violate international humanitarian law and qualify as war crimes. I am informed,” the Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is informing and advising NATO allies about the events that took place on the border between Romania and Ukraine, including today’s incident. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will invite the head of the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation,” the statement said.

The decision was made after the new drone fell into Romanian territory, Not far from the border with Ukraine, four kilometers from the city of Grinda. A 1.5 meter crater was found at the site of the fall. The Air Force flew F-16 and Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft to monitor the area.

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We will remind you when Drone attack in Odesa region Tonight in Odessa, debris damaged a hostel – where 11 people were injured, 11 buildings were damaged and two cars were burned, and warehouses near the port in Ismail district were destroyed.

The 650-kilometer land border between Romania and Ukraine has become the object of Russian attacks. In recent months, pieces of drones fired by the Russian Federation over Ukrainian territory fell on Romanian territory.

At the end of September, it became known due to incidents related to the downing of Russian drones Romania is on the move Air defense systems are located near villages on the Danube on the border with Ukraine.

In October, they were installed in Romanian settlements on the border with Ukraine Anti-drone system.

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