British intelligence assesses raids by armed forces across Dnipro: Russian Federation faces dilemma

Conflicts continue over control of small islands in the Dnieper estuary.

In the past week, there have been explosions in the lower reaches of the Dnipro Wars A small scale, it put the Russian generals in a dilemma.

This is stated in the new article reports British Ministry of Defence.

According to British intelligence, the armed forces are conducting raids at new locations or building small bridges along the Russian-controlled east coast.

“This was in addition to the expansion of the bridgehead maintained by Ukraine near the destroyed Antoniv Bridge since June 2023. Some of these operations may have used the rotation of local Russian forces,” the report said.

In addition, conflicts continue over the control of small islands in the Dnieper estuary.

“The Russian command is faced with a dilemma: either to reinforce this area or to transfer troops to the east – areas of Ukraine’s main counteroffensive operations,” the intelligence service added.

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Earlier, intelligence had suggested that there might be Russian invaders Redistributed units Airborne forces from Kherson region to Zaporizhia region. This caused a bitter dispute among the invaders.

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