Shelling of Nikopol and area – there are casualties

“Today, Nikopol area survived 11 enemy attacks. The Russians raided the district center and the Marganetska and Pokrovska rural communities,” Lysak said.

Photo: Russians Nikopol (

According to him, the aggressor damaged 13 private houses and the same number of commercial buildings. Another 2 – destroyed. In addition, during the attack, the Russians destroyed 4 cars: a car and a truck. Also, the power line was also damaged in the area.

The head of the OVA reported that there was one victim in the village of Pokrovsk.

“It is a 51-year-old woman. She will be treated at home,” he said.

Air raid on March 3

At 02:16 p.m., explosions rang out in Dnipro during an airstrike.

Also, in the temporarily occupied Feodosia in Crimea, powerful explosions rang out for several hours in a row. The Air Defense Force is working on developing drones in the city. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said that all 38 attack drones were shot down over the border of the peninsula.

Also, the Russians last night Fired by guided air bombs Sumi region. Attacks were carried out by aircraft from the direction of the Russian Kursk region.

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