“Overpriced.” for Dana Draboa. 250 CZK. “CZK 140 for a cigarette is fine.” It took off

23.02.2024 8:31 | monitoring

“Abominable thief,” said YouTuber Stanislav Hrušek, with the StandaShow podcast, after posting part of a video with Dana Drábová, former head of the State Office for Nuclear Safety. You can watch the full video only after paying 250 crowns. The YouTuber didn't understand the criticism, arguing that people also buy “cigarettes for 140” and that's fine.

To Dana Draboa


Description: Dana Drapova, head of the State Office for Nuclear Safety

On his podcast StandaShow, Czech YouTuber Stanislav Hruska spoke with nuclear engineer and former head of the State Office for Nuclear Safety, Dana Drabova, about the tragic event at Chernobyl.

The first 45 minutes of the interview are available for free on YouTube. However, if the viewer wants the full version, it lasts for 2 hours and 48 minutes and requires an additional payment of 250 crowns. Some of StandaShow's supporters understand this as a “disgusting thief”.

According to YouTuber Hruška, 250 crowns is a big price. He insisted that the information contained in it was of great value anyway. “I'm glad you liked the video. It makes me happy. Hundreds of subscribers came from it. 250 CZK is a big price. The video and the information in it have a lot of value,” X pointed out on the social network to a fan who objected to the price.

The YouTuber also reflected the human sense of value. “A cigarette for 140 CZK is good, but a podcast for 250 is a steal. Value perception and pricing are mega interesting fields. Mainly because of that irrationality,” he wrote.

One of the users of the social network raised the question that if she has not yet seen the information in the video, how is she supposed to know what it will be worth? “People don't want to buy a cat in a bag like any other marketer,” he told the StandShow host.

He immediately answered her. “No. I don't know how the movie will go if I go to the cinema. Sometimes you have to make a decision and risk it,” he wrote, adding that he had no complaints about the video with Ms. Trabova so far. “You can be the first.”

There was also a comparison with HBO, a TV channel with a subscription of CZK 200. “But HBO doesn't have the Chernobyl special and other great podcasts. Checkmate. That price is good, and subscribers are growing. If someone sells his stuff below the price for no reason, he's an idiot,” Standa said, adding in another response that the price is right as the number of subscribers increases. He emphasized that the market clearly says that is being done.

However, the podcast creator responded, “Exactly. If I tell my grandma I had 4 beers and it's great, if I explain what a podcast is and I pay 250 for it, she'll argue back.”


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