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It is impossible to argue about the urgency of helping Ukraine.

The US House of Representatives returns from recess next week and can vote on the foreign aid bill after determining the parliamentary mechanism.

Kurt Volker, the former US Special Representative for Ukraine, said this at a meeting with journalists at the American University of Kyiv.

“It's sad, sad and disappointing that it didn't happen sooner. I can't promise any time or tomorrow when the package will be available. I expect the House to return next week. During this time, they will consider the parliamentary mechanism and how to move forward. In a few weeks, early March. , I hope it will come true,” he said.

Volker noted that it was impossible to argue about the urgency to help Ukraine, because its impact on the battlefield was already seen in Avdiivka, where, according to the former special representative, large amounts of ammunition would help hold the Ukrainians longer. .

“I think the US Congressmen and the people understand the urgency of the aid, but not only this. Congressmen are also concerned about the direct impact of thousands of people entering the US illegally,” the US ambassador explained.

In addition, he noted that he has long been optimistic about Ukraine.

“In retrospect, Ukraine will always be a sovereign, independent democracy. It is moving towards the EU and NATO. The short-term outlook is very bleak and difficult. “How do we achieve this? What should we do?'

Let's remindPolish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said that if the US Congress does not ratify Ukraine, the whole world will feel the consequences.

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