Mud and crooked stem. In Letna, the trade unions drank and shouted political slogans

Members of the first union, KOVO, moved to Leyton. According to expert Miloslava Novkov, seven thousand of their clothes must have arrived in the city. In the end, many of them did not arrive, reports that only a few buses were found in the city.

Good luck to you. Do what they shouldn’t do and don’t think about people. The tank takes 250 thousand and they are behind the water. Why shouldn’t an employee like me who earns 26k work? The whole thing was stolen and deteriorated, and no one said it needed to be fixed, said Leo Newberg of Kaplis, South Region, one of the first members of the demonstration.

Despite the cold, a group of trade unions came to Letna. We are doing it for our children,” said Mr. Lucy from Jihlava.

Political slogans were raised in the street. Esk vldo, if he doesn’t want to deal with them, fuck off, the table is on one of them.

The union delegation from Pilsen arrived at Letna before eleven o’clock in the morning. We don’t just want to pay European prices, we also want European salaries, we told that to the Prime Minister, Anton from Pilsen Union KOVO.

Buses filled with people from Vtkovice and Ostrava. Summer sounds proletsk psn. Let’s go, I am encouraged by the trade unions of Vtkovice.

The vines on the wall were packing lye and legends. We want to see and hear, hard.

Unions protested against the government’s consolidated package and income reform, low wages in the public sector, expensive energy, high inflation and lack of cash for workers. Consider that you have not made a compromise with them. On the other hand, repeat the Cabinet’s advice, let the unions act.

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