In a three-piece suit and a white shirt: Olena Zelenska’s new look

The First Lady of Ukraine presented a project to build commercial houses for large adoptive families.

Olena Zelenska Olena Zelenska participated in the presentation of the “Childhood Address” project, which is very important for the Foundation.

Due to the full-scale Russian invasion, more than 80 large foster families lost their homes, and finding new homes is very difficult for them.

Olena Zelenska / Photo: Olena Zelenska’s Instagram

“When my Olena Zelenska Foundation appeared almost a year ago, one of the first people we took care of were large foster families. Every fourth person was given necessary items – from furniture and clothes to laptops. More than a thousand children with their parents for the first time this year, we went on vacation to the Carpathians.

But you can guess what their main request is. House.

We decided: instead of losing, we will build a new home. This is how the “Childhood Address” project was born. With the help of foreign sponsors (and the Foundation works only with foreign patrons), we are building 14 special houses. There should be shelters that are energy efficient and autonomous,” the First Lady said.

At the event, Zelenska appeared in a business suit. She wore a white shirt and a gray three-piece suit that consisted of a jacket, waistcoat and flared pants. Olena attached a circular brooch of her foundation to the lapel of her jacket. She paired the dress with black loafers.

Olena Zelenska / Photo: Olena Zelenska’s Instagram

The first lady completed her look with a sleek side-swept hairstyle, soft-toned makeup and gold hoop earrings.

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As a reminder, Olena Zelenska appeared in a snow-white dress by the Ukrainian brand Casanova at the third summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen in Kiev.

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