Mednara was upset by the army’s post on the networks. You are being unnecessarily obsessive, Černochová replies

Mednar, who headed the Ministry of Defense from June 2018 to December 2021, said his Contribution fell directly on Černochová.

“It is absolutely incredible how the army of the Czech Republic allows itself to be politically abused by Minister Chernochová. She is openly pushing for a certain agreement, which should be inherently unacceptable, and in this case she is acting in a purely political way,” Mednar wrote.

He was responding to a statement issued by the military on Tuesday about police raids on public servants. There, on Tuesday, detectives from the National Central Office Against Organized Crime (NCOZ) intervened in connection with public contracts for servicing the microwave network.

“The activities in the criminal proceedings taking place at some of the facilities of the ACR are not related to the acquisition plans for modernization and restructuring of the ACR, and the activities investigated are related to the period before the current leadership of the Ministry of Defense and assumed command of the ACR,” the Army said on social media. Sewing.

Mednar called such communications “absolutely unacceptable.”

Černochová returned criticism

The head of the department, Černochová, rejected the criticism of Novinky, saying that the post only stated the facts and thus answered a question of interest not only to journalists. After all, the opposition also reacted to Tuesday’s raid on social networks.

“The Army has not released any names, it has only stated the facts. The order is not related to current modernization plans and the actions investigated by the police refer to a different era. After all, since early morning, he has been asking exactly these two things – practically every journalist -,” said Černochová, “Mr. Metnar is completely unnecessarily fanatical and relational.”

Six people and three companies were charged in connection with Tuesday’s raid, but none from the military or the defense ministry. According to the media, among those prosecuted are private companies, their managers and a lawyer suspected of involvement in the public tender.

The minister also suspended Mednar from talking about specific matters under police investigation. “Does he still speculate on the networks about contracts and things that are still stored? So I don’t consider this a professional approach of an ex-convict. Or accessing information from the file even if it’s useless? I hope not,” he added, pointing to Mednar’s past with the police.

View exchange over a network

Subsequently, Černochová also accused Medner of hysteria on the X Network, where she responded to her post in which the former minister referred to the connection between Tuesday’s test and the Prague dosimeter case.

The dosimeter case concerned suspicions of systemic influence over public contracts at the Prague Transport Corporation. After Tuesday’s intervention, police charged Gindrich Springl, a businessman prosecuted in Dosimeter, for bribing orders for the Prague Transport Company’s radio system and a camera system in the subway.

The dosimeter rocked the political scene last year, when the case came under the police spotlight. This significantly shook the STAN government movement in particular, as former Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubuček (then STAN) was one of the accused. Peter Kastic (STAN) quit as Education Minister after pressure over his connections with the group’s leader, businessman Michael Redl, but that also had an impact on other parties.

Jana Vildumetsova Mrakova, from the ANO opposition movement, had to give up her position as Chamber of Deputies vice-president because one of the accused in the dosimeter, Zakaria Nemra, was her husband’s witness at the wedding and was the godfather of their son. . In September this year, the Prague opposition tried to recall councilor Jiri Pospisil (TOP 09) due to his contacts with board members, but failed.

The police have charged six people and three companies after raids on army general staff

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