A lawyer for the International Criminal Court commented on the warrant for Putin’s arrest at the UN General Assembly.

He noted that crimes against children were a major priority of his work.

Karim Khan, a lawyer at the International Criminal Court, commented on his submission that judges had issued a warrant for the Russian dictator’s arrest. Putin and Children’s Ombudsman Maria Lavova-Belova.

At the event “Fighting for the Future: Ukrainian Children at War,” organized on the sidelines of the General Assembly, he said his decision was dictated by concrete evidence, not politics. Ugrinform.

She noted that crimes against children are a major priority of her work, but are often overlooked in inter-state conflicts.

“It is a very sad and immeasurably sad moment when independent judges are compelled under the weight of evidence to issue arrest warrants for a head of state who is a permanent member of the Security Council and a so-called children’s commissioner. Affairs,” he said.

Khan said he visited Ukraine a few weeks before Putin’s arrest warrant was issued and saw an orphanage with no children on the front lines.

“It will stay with me forever, in that stillness, in that eerie stillness, I saw empty cribs, piled up clothes, pictures of children enjoying Christmas, pictures adorning the walls,” Khan shared.

He added that his actions were driven by evidence, not by emotion or politics.

It may be recalled that earlier the news was published that Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said that Putin is the Russian dictator. Brazil will not be arrested if it attends the G20 summit in Rio de Janeiro in 2024..

Also, we previously reported that Steven Rapp, the US State Department’s Special Envoy for War Crimes from 2009-2015. Russian dictator Putin faces 30 years in prison for crimes against Ukraine.

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