Mauga was an actor who normalized television. Bidom left the Communist Party in 1968

For 40 years, Jaroslav Mauka, a dog, has been playing at the theater in Vinohrady. During the years 1953-1994, about 140 rolls were hardened on its boards.

In Vinohrady, an oven, a bakery, a bookseller and finally a dog exchange and a locksmith learned to bill a machine, and later thanks to an engagement at the Hark Theater in Zihlava and performances in Kladno and Olomouc.

He starred in seventy films, among them such titles as Markta Lazarov and Nok Nevst. He read script for radio, television and dubbing. Often starred in TV series (Once upon a time there were two dogs, Hn lid msta praško, Satky z rozum, Zhada žadolamu, Hospital and Farm Life on the outskirts of the city).

His voice is associated with dubbing, and for children’s audiences he is inextricably associated with the character Mr. Fida from the cartoon series Dip a Tap.

To many, Mouga was a staunch communist whose party identity earned him the title of Distinguished Artist (1978). Her role as Pltenka, secretary of the KS district committee, in Dietl’s campaign series Okres na severu became a symbol of ideological normalization on the television screen.

Bidom resigned from the Communist Party in 1968, and in the early 1970s he was accused of several performance crimes. He moved to the party in 1977 and became one of the most important actors of TV normalization.

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