Zelensky and Sandu congratulated each other on the European Commission’s historic decision

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and Moldova’s President Maya Sandu held a telephone conversation in which the two countries exchanged greetings on the recommendation of the European Commission to start negotiations for accession to the European Union.

About this he writes on his Twitter (Х), “European truth”.

Zelensky noted that it was a “historic” day and that he and Sandhu exchanged congratulations on the European Commission’s recommendation to open EU accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova and agreed to coordinate next steps.

“Today, our countries are celebrating the passing of an important milestone… I congratulate Ukraine and the Ukrainian people for this achievement,” Sandhu noted for his part.

In addition, Zelensky noted the implementation of the “peace formula” proposed by Ukraine and thanked Sand for the participation of Moldova’s representative in the last meeting of advisers in Malta.

Regarding Ukraine’s assistance in evacuating Moldovan citizens from the Gaza Strip, Maya Sandu reiterated her gratitude for Kiev’s assistance in this process.

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As you know, in a report published on November 8, the European Commission recommended Start accession negotiations with KyivBut before that, Ukraine needs to implement some reforms that have not yet been implemented.

with Moldova The European Commission also recommended opening negotiations, but, as in Ukraine, with conditions.

Off GeorgiaThe Election Commission supported granting Tbilisi candidate status for accession, on the condition that it fulfills a number of steps.

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