Macron announced his intention to “send boys” to Odessa next year – Le Monde

Emmanuel Macron has said that France may have to send troops to Ukraine because of the tension in Russia's war against Ukraine.

French President Emmanuel Macron Troops were expected to be sent to Odessa in the coming year.

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According to the publication, on February 21 this year, Macron said that due to the tense situation in Russia's war against Ukraine, France may have to send troops to Ukraine.

“In any case, I must send some of my men to Odessa in the coming year,” said the French leader.

Already on February 26, Macron answered a question from the reception hall on the Champs-Élysées about the possibility of introducing Western troops into Ukraine.

The President replied, “Nothing can be avoided.

Let's recall what Politico said earlier France forms an alliance of willing nations Before sending troops to Ukraine, deepening its conflict with a more wary Berlin.

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