Students should organize a fight with weapons in school. The police denied this

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| Photo: Ota Bardovsk,

At eleven o'clock the police went to the town. According to reports, several gay groups have agreed to join the fight for a cool status.

Police spokesman Richard Hardina told the press center that they had a cold weapon. According to him, the police brought the situation under control and no one was injured.

So, many police patrolled. Police did not say how old the children were.

Zkladn kóly's teacher Solidarita Karin Marques shared about the incident, saying that they informed the teachers about the danger of organized conflict. The police arrived at the scene and the bike driver immediately responded. The teacher said that we took 5 steps as per the suggestion of the police with whom it was proved that he had lap n.

According to him, there is no immediate danger to the teacher or the teacher. He pointed out that academics are not legally allowed to search things, so they should call the police if they suspect anything.

Marks said that in conjunction with Bragg, 10 rounds sent up-to-date prevention programs for secondary children. A local psychologist will provide crisis intervention to children who experienced the incident yesterday (Thursday) and the following days, the teacher added.

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Police investigating the attack said it was not likely to be an armed conflict. There was only a misunderstanding between the two players, and no threat of conflict. It was a rare accident on this bike, explained a police official at Platform X on Thursday.

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