Losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine – near and south of Avdiivka, 232 Russians killed in 2 weeks

“TsSO “A” of the SBU continues to fire on the enemy: the Russians suffered losses in Avdiyivka and in the southern direction,” the report says, adding that in two weeks they have significantly reduced the “military potential” of the Russian aggressors.

Therefore, in the hot areas of the front, the strike “exploited” by drones and other means:

  • 232 invaders;
  • 20 tanks;
  • 42 ppm;
  • 21 artillery systems;
  • 2 anti-aircraft defense systems and 10 EW/PER mechanisms;
  • Automotive equipment 96 units;
  • 6 boats;
  • 2 observation complexes “Murom”
  • 157 forts and forts;
  • 10 warehouses with ammunition.

In addition, in cooperation with fellow combat gunners of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, the fire was corrected and about 170 invaders and 50 units of Russian equipment were destroyed. Specifically, 6 tanks, 7 anti-aircraft guns, 21 artillery systems, 3 anti-aircraft guns and others.

Losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine

As of the morning of Saturday, October 21, Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine were 790 soldiers, bringing the total number of losses of the Russian army since the start of the invasion to 292,850 soldiers. In addition, the armed forces destroyed 5 artillery systems and 55 self-propelled guns.

As of yesterday, the armed forces managed to destroy 1,380 Russian invaders. Also, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed an additional 55 tanks and 120 BBMs of the enemy. Also, they managed to eliminate almost 900 Russians in the Avtiv region alone.

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