The Polish government has negotiated with the farmers, who are once again ready for a major strike

The Polish Ministry of Agriculture held talks with representatives of farmers' unions, who are preparing for another major protest on Friday, against the continuation of the EU's preferential trade with Ukraine.

This is reported RMF24“The European truth,” he writes.

Farmers' representatives at the meeting consider the EU's new “green” rules, which increase production costs, and the impact on the import market of agricultural products from Ukraine as their biggest problems.

Farmers reported that some of them had problems with the funds to purchase everything needed before the new sowing. They also raised the issue of supporting animal husbandry.

His protests are planned across the country, including on February 9 With border controlThey call it, among other things, “the protection of healthy Polish products”.

Agriculture Minister Czesław Szekierski acknowledged the need to support the industry and said options for action would be discussed with the Finance Ministry.

“In addition to loans with low interest rates, there should be subsidies for grains and fertilizers,” Sekyarski said.

He said that the European Union must somehow respond to the fact that the products of European farmers are becoming uncompetitive, and that Polish farmers suffer more from imports of agricultural products from Ukraine.

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