Fees for utilities in Ukraine – Shmihal issued a report

As Shmihal noted, the government continues to support Ukrainian households and maintains a “preferential electricity tariff for the population” at 2.64 hryvnias per kWh.

“In general, the government does not plan to change any tariffs for the population this winter,” the prime minister added.

According to him, today there is no outage in any region, there are no plans.

“After 50% of the power system was hit by enemy missiles and drones, we carried out large-scale repairs and added 2.2 GW of power to the power system. We also increased our power import capacities to 1.7 GW. ENTSO-E network,” Schmihal said.

Usage rates

Let us remind that the average prices for housing, water, electricity, gas and other types of fuel in Ukraine increased by 12.8% in 2023, according to the State Statistics Service. This is due to a nearly 70% hike in electricity prices from June 1.

In Ukraine, it is prohibited to raise gas, hot water and heating tariffs, while the same does not apply to electricity and cold water. The Cabinet of Ministers increased electricity tariffs for the population by 70% from June 1, from UAH 1.68/kWh to UAH 2.64/kWh.

Also, from July 1, NKRECP increased the tariff for cold water, but after the intervention of the country's top administration, this decision was canceled.

At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities in a letter (memorandum) to the IMF leadership allow people to gradually increase gas and electricity tariffs.

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