If Ukraine loses war: Hungarian minister offers EU to develop another strategy

In Hungary, they spoke of the need for a “strategic discussion” regarding Ukraine’s accession to the European Union and financial assistance to our country.

Hungarian Minister for EU Affairs János Bóka said the EU based its course on Ukraine based on its potential success against Russian aggression, but did not envisage an alternative strategy if this did not happen.

His statement came ahead of the EU Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Brussels Quotations Daily News Hungary.

According to the Hungarian minister, the EU has taken a step considering the fact that Ukraine will win the war and cause political changes in Moscow, but if this does not happen, “the EU should develop an alternative strategy. To create a functional security system in Europe.”

Janos Boca also said that the EU’s policy on Ukraine should be developed “by holding strategic discussions considering the options”.

“Without a strategic discussion, we cannot make a decision on further steps related to Ukraine’s accession to the EU or revising the multi-annual financial plan,” he said.

The Hungarian minister believes that these discussions should show the results that the EU’s strategy to support Ukraine has already delivered.

It may be recalled that earlier the Hungarian government urged the EU not to start membership negotiations with Ukraine.

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