The Council commented on China's peace efforts regarding the war in Ukraine –

Earlier in the day, China and Russia discussed the war in Ukraine.

Ministry of International Affairs China On March 7, it supported holding a peace conference “authorized by Russia and Ukraine”. Oleksandr Mereshko, head of the Verkhovna Rada's foreign policy committee, believes that China's rhetoric means China is in favor of “peace” on Russian grounds.

He commented on this

According to Merezhko, China is trying to make it look like it “stands for supposed neutrality and peace,” but in reality, it is not interested in Russia's defeat and will do everything to prevent this from happening.

“If he (China – ed.) says he is in favor of the condition that Russia participate in the peace conference, that means he is in favor of “peace” on Russia's terms,” ​​says the politician.

He mentioned that China is currently supporting Russia, without which it will face serious economic and military problems.

“Somewhere he does it openly, somewhere secretly, through third countries. However, he tries to do it carefully so that sanctions do not come from America and Europe,” Oleksandr Mereshko said.

Let us remind, political analyst Vitaly Portnikov explained whether Beijing could stop the war in Ukraine.

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