He was not allowed to drive for a sports car accident in which the passenger lost an eye. He seems to have broken it

They have camera footage from a gas station from mid-August where the businessman was filmed driving a Chevrolet Camaro. The 50-year-old man faces a new criminal case for obstructing the execution of an official decision. If the suspicion is proved then you can say goodbye to driving license for at least two years.

A five hundred horsepower super sports car crashed into a tree. Something bit me and he defended himself in court

Defendant Radek Müller before the Kladovsk District Court last yearVideo: Patrick Bishop, Law

The court banned Mueller from driving and sentenced Mueller to one year of probation for aggravated assault. According to the verdict, he failed to drive the Altima GTR supercar. After speeding through a corner, the 500-horsepower sports car lost control and crashed into a tree. Both were receiving treatment at the hospital. Muller suffered only minor scratches from the impact, while his passenger, Karel H. (37) Fractured spine, skull and other bones and permanently lost sight in his right eye.

“The accident was caused by wrong driving style. “The driver did not take into account the specific nature of the vehicle,” Judge John Gasal justified the verdict. Thus he identified himself in the indictment, according to which the driver did not adapt his driving style to the specific nature of a super sports vehicle, which requires the skill of a racing driver and targeted training. Dynamic characteristics.

He was passionate about supercars

Muller defended himself by saying something bit or pinched his hand after going through the corner. “So I don’t remember anything anymore, I just woke up in the ambulance,” said the defendant, who, like the passenger, was not wearing a seat belt.

“I was curious about the supercar, so Radek and I agreed that he would take me for a ride. After getting in, I wanted to bend over. But Radek told me to leave, saying that the seat belt system was a problem. So I listened to him. A little crazy driving. “I thought I’d take a ride. They’re horrible bastards. I breathed, it’s coming or it’s not coming. It came,” the passenger recounted in court.

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