Rum yes, but not from the garden. A famous brand changes its name because of racism

According to the Maison Ferrand company, the purpose of the development of the name was to better reflect the characteristics of the characters that have been in the world market for fifty years. The name Plantare now evokes elements of characters. The plant stands for sugarcane and the entire landscape. Alexandre Gabriel, owner of the family company Maison Ferrante, explained that Ray (Ray) represents the sun necessary for the growth of the vine, but also the openness of the world and the knowledge and experience associated with the production of rum. At the press conference at the distillery. He emphasized that just as the DNA alphabet does not change, neither do the recipes of individual varieties. The composition and visual identity of the rum bottles remains unchanged.

Rum of the world's voice

Since 2017, Maison Ferrand has been the owner of the Barbadian distillery West Indies Rum Distillery, giving it automatic paternity among many Jamaican distilleries. However, Znaka has established partnerships with other distilleries around the world. Thanks to that, I can offer a very diverse portfolio of rums and flavors. This is a huge contribution to the worldwide popularity of the characters. Its sales have increased by 900 percent in the last ten years.

Plantare Rum, now known as Plantare, confirms its position in a recently published report by the most prestigious trade magazine, Drinks International.Drinks International Brands Report 2024) built on professional ratings from the world's 100 best bars. Rum Brands Plantation was announced as the trendiest rum brand, among the top three best selling rums and topped the Bartender's Choice TOP 10 list.

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Pze eskho publica

According to data from the International Market Report IWSR 2023, about 18 million liters of rum were sold in R in 2022 (26 million bottles per 0.7 liter bottle), which is the same as in 2021. In the premium category, you also participate in this sweat at a rate of approximately eighty percent, but each reaches an increasing number.

Maison Ferrand's logos, especially the garden logo, are available in more than 120 countries worldwide. They are represented and distributed in the eskm market by ultra premium brands from April 2022. Compared to the previous year, the sales have doubled.

As a result of last year and the decline of garden rums globally, we can predict a very bright future. The ambition is for the Plantere brand to grow in the Czech market and become the most sought-after premium rum brand, as it is in other countries with a developed rum culture, says G Rabel, co-owner of Ultra Premium Brands. If all bottles produced from January 2024 carry the Plantare label, they will gradually begin to appear in our environment.

In your portfolio, until the end of 2024, consumers will encounter bottles labeled with the original estate name. From the fifth year onwards, all products will be gradually replaced by Planteray. However, the co-owner of distribution company Ultra Premium Brands (UPB) decided that regardless of the name on the label, the content remains the same.

Racism in names

In 2020 the reign of George Floyd sparked international protests against systemic racism, during which many names and identities related to colonial or racial issues, men, educational institutions and public services were changed under public and private pressure. The history of rum is strongly linked to slavery, or the slaves brought from Africa to the Azores, Canary Islands and the Caribbean were subjected to its production.

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Maison Ferrand announced in June 2020 that it intended to name its brand of rum Plantation Rum (Rum Z Plante).

The drink's original name was inspired by Gabriel's childhood in the French countryside, where he grew up and still lives on a farm. I founded the brand about 20 years ago after living in Haiti and Saint Lucia, where I fell in love with rum. In the Caribbean, a farm is usually referred to as a plant, owner Alexandre Gabriel explained to Drinks International Rum in 2022.

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