Fireworks in the Czech Republic: Most cities won't listen to the Austrian minister, reasons vary

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day will be quieter in many cities than their residents expected a few days earlier. Across the country, local governments are increasingly calling on people to cancel their planned firework displays and limit the use of pyrotechnics, following a call by Interior Minister Vaide Ragusan. Despite the minister's request, fireworks will still be held in most town halls. Their administration defends the move by saying that precisely similar events will lift people's spirits.

Some cities have canceled New Year's fireworks because of the tragic shooting at a faculty in Prague and the animals.

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Let's do this year's New Year's Eve without bursting firecrackers. This is the request made by the Home Minister this week Welcome to Austria. sent to adults An open letterHe asked that it belongs to the municipality The tragic shooting in Prague And at Glanowis they stopped bursting firecrackers.

He turned to the common people with the same demand. “A few days ago, we had two incidents of violence. What we can do for those who are pained by the events is not to increase the tension and deepen the trauma caused by the violence,” Minister X wrote on the social network.

We will not give in to evil

Some towns and villages decided to heed his words, announcing the cancellation of events planned by their leadership in the past days and hours. But since this is not a regulation, but a personal request, many municipalities Fireworks They will shoot. Their mayors say that this is no disrespect to the victims and that it will make people happy to watch the colorful theater in the sky together.

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“We don't have New Year's fireworks, but New Year's fireworks, we have been preparing for two months. His idea is to celebrate the good over the bad. We do not want to give place to violence in any way. Fireworks and the entire show at Prodivin will be on January 1, 2024. If the minister wants to cancel the fireworks, let him do it officially and by order,” Jaromir Hlav, the mayor of Protivin in South Bohemia, told Denik.

People are not aware of the harmful effects of firecrackers on the body.

Fireworks are a toxic shower. Amateurs are even more harmful, the expert says

They also didn't want to disturb the New Year's fireworks display in Kolin in central Bohemia. “We see it as a celebration of the arrival of new opportunities, new joy. However, we consider it meaningful to ask citizens to limit pyrotechnics on New Year's Eve,” the town hall administration wrote on Facebook.

Fireworks will explode in Kladno in defiance of the challenge, which the city administration did not accept, and people in Ostrava-South, Velke Meserici, Osti nad Labem or Pilsen will also watch the sky show.

“We decided not to bother with New Year's fireworks, we believe we will only book the crazy people who do such things, because what they want to do is spread fear and foolishness. Last but not least, fireworks are some of the things that help people lift their spirits as they enter the new year. is one,” said David Prochaska, mayor of the central Pilsen district.

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Slynn Meyer answered Denick's question about where the fireworks would be. “What happened in Prague is a great tragedy. However, any disruption to the events will only draw attention to others like that. That's their goal, we're disrupting everything here,” said Jiří Gorek.

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At the most convenient time

The city they decided to listen to the appeal of the Austrian, but it grows every day. Examples include Smekno in Central Bohemia, Karvina, Snojmo or Olomouc in Silesia, still affected by rising river levels, or Kraslice in Karlovy Vary. “Considering the events of the past few days, we have decided not to have fireworks at midnight at DG Masaryk Square in Krasnoyarsk. The rest of the program remains unchanged. Consider the situation, your surroundings and the animals and join us. New Year's Eve can be fun even without crackers and crackers,” explained Ladislav Sedlasek, director of the Municipal House of Culture in Sokolo.

Even in Prague or Karlovy Vary, fireworks are not set off in an organized manner, but these cities abandoned fireworks years ago.

Like Czech and Slovak cities, they often retreat from the tradition of New Year's Eve and New Year's fireworks. They won't even be in Bratislava this year:

Like Czech and Slovak cities, they often retreat from the tradition of New Year's Eve and New Year's fireworks.

Slovakia without fireworks. Big cities celebrate New Year quietly

Many mayors responded to Austria's challenge New Year's Eve or New Year's Fireworks Even though they canceled them, at the same time they didn't want to deprive the people completely. “We received the letter from the minister on Wednesday and after consultation with the city administration, we decided to accept his request. However, we don't want people to miss the fireworks, so we are looking for an alternative date for it,” outlined Radim Stanek, mayor of Jindrigohradek.

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They were similarly preserved at Tishno in Brno. “Given the events surrounding the run-up to Christmas this year, we feel it is most appropriate to welcome 2024 quietly, Without bombs and explosions. We will organize fireworks on another suitable date next year,” said city mayor Jiří Dospišl. On Monday evening, anyone wishing to honor the memory of the victims of the Prague shooting can bring and light a candle to the fountain.

In recent years, more and more town halls have canceled official fireworks and replaced them with video mapping or drone shows:

Until recently, the colorful fire display was one of the traditional colors of New Year's celebrations in Czech cities.  However, in recent years more and more town halls have been canceling official fireworks

Cities say goodbye with New Year fireworks. They replace them with drones or light displays

Perhaps again at Slane in central Bohemia Fireworks However they will keep it but adapt the plan to the tragic events before Christmas. “We feel it makes sense to ask citizens to limit the use of firecrackers on New Year's Day. We will join in this challenge. We will not disturb the official New Year fireworks. Based on the events of the past few days, the plan will be reworked and adjusted so that we honor the memory of the victims of the heinous act with dignity. At the same time, we believe that our fireworks will be a symbol of the arrival of the new year, new opportunities and new happiness,” said Martin Hrabanek, mayor of Slaneho.

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