“Patriots”, in Václavák. From all over Europe. SPD prompts action: People have had enough

19/05/2024 0:01 | Conversation

Midnight interview “The hate campaign that started before the presidential election is out of bounds,” says SPD MP Jan Hrnčíř regarding the attack on Slovak Prime Minister Fico. He later commented critically on both pension reform and postal elections and drew attention to the Constitution. He also mentioned the International Meeting of European Patriotic Parties on the theme of Wenceslas. He returned to the May 8 celebrations and the “interpretation” of history.


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Description: Member of the SPD is Jan Hrnčíř

Slovakia alone was rocked by the shooting of Prime Minister Fico, who ended up in hospital after that. What is to say that such a thing is even happening in this day and age?

After all, it is such a terrible shock that one refuses to believe it. Certainly not at this time and in Central Europe. On the other hand, it is true that the political culture is declining and various calls for violence are emerging even among politicians, who in my opinion should be completely excluded based on their position. Remember the positions of an unnamed mayor from ODS and his call to murder sex…

After the attack on the prime minister, some Slovak government officials began talking about a specific crime of the Slovak opposition and journalists. Are they right?


Are representatives of the liberal opposition, media and non-profit organizations responsible for the attempted assassination of Robert Fico?

Voted by: 8995 people

The hate campaign that started even before the presidential election is beyond tolerance. A month ago, Prime Minister Robert Fico expressed his fears that a hate campaign by some politicians and journalists could kill one of the government politicians. How close he was to the truth was unfortunately revealed. I hope everyone learns from this horrible, despicable act and realizes the terrible consequences that hateful rhetoric and branding can have.

Our politicians also commented on this attack. “The attack on Robert Figo is unequivocally reprehensible, whatever the motivation. It should serve as a warning about how far hostility and aggression can go deep in society. I want Robert Figo to come out of this incident without any consequences,” said President Pavel. What about the report?

I welcome the self-reflection of President Peter Powell, who may now realize where such trench-digging and polarization is leading. Although we are an established parliamentary political movement, Mr. This points to the fact that the President himself refused. I hope he will do as he says from now on…

Let’s move on to the next topic. “Jurečka freezes the pension system…,” you said on CNN Prima NEWS. What specifically do you see as a major problem in this regard?

After all, our government is a completely ill-conceived system as usual. The lack of money for pensions cannot be solved by reducing early pensions and raising the retirement age, no one will live to retire in good health, call it pension reform. In a continuous retirement system, you need to take care of enough future contributors, so you should focus on a pro-family policy.

You also say that postal vote is unconstitutional. In what sense can you explain to our readers?

Simply put, postal elections are contrary to the electoral principles set out in Article 18 of the Constitution of the Czech Republic. In particular, the principle of secrecy and directness cannot be fulfilled. Please understand that this is a constitutional law and there is no way to deviate from it and I am very interested to see how the government coalition intends to deal with these legal loopholes.

On May 23, the International Meeting of European Patriotic Parties takes place in Wenceslas Square. Which of the interesting names are expected to come up? And do you expect a large turnout?

I expect a big turnout because people are upset and justified. Across Europe, patriotic parties and movements are gaining strength, and Eurohugeist political parties are defending themselves with angry rhetoric, labeling and defaming patriots. People have had enough and on May 23rd they can connect with other patriots across Europe and show how strong and united we are. On the other hand, I realize it’s a work day and unfortunately not everyone can take a break from work.

As you said in your Facebook profile, on May 8 you participated in the commemoration of Victory Day and World War II. In recent years, some speak of a certain attempt to somewhat “distort” history. Do you see the same?

Of course, those efforts are very serious. From belittling the course of the war itself to comparing blame and credit for our country’s liberation, the word “disintegration” is still inadequately presented by some. From the continued refusal to call Nazi Germany Nazi Germany and the problems with recognizing the lion’s share of the Soviet Union, attempts to claim that “not much happened to our people during the war”, I personally find particularly disgusting and reprehensible. Emancipation, all of this is really shaping our younger generation’s perception of the problem and the events before and after World War II. I am appalled by the distorted perception of World War 2 among some young people, because a nation that has forgotten its history must repeat it, and I want to strongly warn against this.

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